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Fascial Tissue/Muscle Trigger Point

Are You Living with Fascial Pain?

Pain in the fascial tissue can make life difficult. But how can you tell if you are living with fascial pain or something else?

As stated by Johns Hopkins Medicine,

“Determining whether your pain is due to muscles, joints or fascia can be difficult. In general, muscle injuries and joint problems feel worse the more you move. Fascia adhesions tend to feel better with movement and also respond well to heat therapy, which helps bring back the tissue’s elasticity.

For some people, adhesions can worsen over time, causing the fascia to compress and contort the muscles it surrounds. This can result in hard, tender knots in the muscles, called trigger points.”

Fortunately, at Therapy West Physical Therapy + Sports Medicine, our GunnisonEphraimMount PleasantRichfield, and Manti, UT physical therapists have the methods and resources needed to help relieve fascial pain. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Why are my trigger points causing me pain?

As previously mentioned, fascial pain is caused by trigger points in the body. It can affect almost any muscle in the body. Trigger points commonly result in pain during movement or when pressure is applied to the affected area(s).

It is also possible for referred pain to occur, where you notice discomfort in seemingly unrelated parts of the body.

When dealing with fascial pain, our physical therapists will determine where the trigger points are located and then massage them out, usually through a process called myofascial release.

How can myofascial release help with my fascial pain?

Myofascial release is a common treatment method we use at our GunnisonEphraimMount PleasantRichfield, and Manti, UT physical therapy clinics to address stiff, tight, painful, numb, or tingly muscles.

It is a form of massage performed by your physical therapist that focuses on specific pressure points, aimed at bringing the myofascial back to its elastic form. It helps with pain relief by easing the tension in your muscles.

When your muscles constrict and become tight, your mobility of the affected area becomes restricted, and any movements you make can result in pain. Myofascial release reverses this sensation by loosening up the constricted area, thus promoting easier mobility and less pain.

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