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Personal Injury Claim?

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If you have recently been injured in some sort of accident, you know how frightening it can be. Fortunately, physical therapy can help.

In many cases, physical therapy will be covered via personal injury claims. A personal injury lawyer will walk you through how many sessions and what types of treatments will be covered after submitting your claim. 

At Therapy West Physical Therapy + Sports Medicine, we work with many personal injury attorneys to help patients receive the best care at the lowest cost after sustaining a personal injury.

For more information on how we can work with your personal injury claim to help you recover as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible, contact our GunnisonEphraimMount PleasantRichfield, or Manti, UT physical therapy clinic today.


How can physical therapy help me after an accident? 

Physical therapy is a natural, safe, and effective pain management solution. Physical therapy can help in your recovery from an accident and help you through the steps of your personal injury claim.

Our Gunnison, Ephraim, Mt Pleasant, and Richfield, UT physical therapists will provide you with the treatments you need to reduce pain and inflammation, in addition to restoring your range of motion. Working with a physical therapist is the best way to recover as quickly as possible from the pain you are feeling. 

Physical therapy can address pain by improving your range of motion, strengthening the muscles in the affected areas, and using targeted massage to reduce tension. 

In many situations, working with a physical therapist to improve core and other muscle strength can significantly reduce the severity of your pain, so you can recover from your injury and get back to living your life without discomfort.

Additionally, physical therapy goes beyond pain relief and works to improve the overall function of your body by getting to the root of the problem.

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If you have more questions about working with a personal injury lawyer to meet your PT needs, don’t hesitate to contact Therapy West Physical Therapy + Sports Medicine today. 

Our advanced holistic methods will help you recover the right way – without harmful risks or looming costs. 

We’ll be your support system during every step of your treatment plan. Contact us today.

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